This project will be shaped and led by participants, volunteers and staff who are directly and indirectly effected by mental health issues. This project will actively value the importance of peer support principles in mental health and the shared experience of mental illness.

As a volunteer taking part in the Heads & Tales Project, Chilli Studios will give you the opportunity to strengthen and gain skills in a variety of different area as well as knowing you have supported a worth while cause and inclusive Heritage Project in the North East.

The volunteer roles are flexible and can be expanded to suite your personal interests. We will contact you after the form is complete to talk further about the volunteering opportunity and if you are successful to chat about the next steps.

Please contact us for further information or if you would like support with filling out this form.

CONTACT Jo: 0191 209 4058       email:  jo@headntales.uk

Researcher Volunteer

As a Volunteer Researcher you will be supporting members/participants in accessing current archives and guide them through the research process in both Museum settings or online. Training will be available for this.

You can also choose to carry out your own mini research project in one or more of the key themes and areas of the heritage project.

Key themes includes:

  • The Social & Political Context
  • Language & media
  • Treatments/Medication
  • Mapping & location
  • Recordings, creations & ephemeral (from those experiencing Mental Health issues).

Digital & Admin Volunteer

As a Digital Volunteer you will be supporting the projects digital systems and the important role of supporting the creation and maintenance of the online Heritage Archive/Website platform.

This role may involve:

  • Support in scanning and digitalising of old Hospital records and objects
  • Recording and creating new audio, video and media on current day stories perspectives
  • Supporting creative sessions that include photography, animation and audio/radio recordings
  • Saving material and supporting database systems
  • Supporting the creation of programming interactive searches for the website