Year2 Heads & Tales Programme

admin/ November 20, 2018/

Year2 Heads & Tales Programme

Chilli Studios are delighted to announce the 2nd year Heads & Tales Heritage project programme featuring activities, training, volunteer opportunities, discussions, exhibitions and events.

Heads & Tales is a two year project that seeks to create a new heritage archive for the North East by exploring, rebalancing and celebrating the voice of adults experiencing mental health conditions.

Looking back through time from the late 1800s on, we will gather together and respond to current archives in museums, health and arts sectors. As well as this reflective work, we aim to also create substantial new material for archives with the starting point of the Declaration of Human rights in 1948 up to the present day.

Through artistic means we will collectively question, capture and create new material to show a more diverse perspective and understanding of the contemporary mental health sphere. By doing so, we hope to raise equality in archival material of an underrepresented group by creating new narratives based on people’s memories and experiences. To raise awareness now and make hidden histories present for future generations.

This project is shaped and led by participants, volunteers and staff who are directly and indirectly affected by mental health conditions.

Set up in 2004, Chilli Studios is a registered charity that delivers services to adults who are, or are
at risk of experiencing mental health problems, and those who experience social exclusion within their communities.